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Do you feel like you're stuck in a rut or have hit a plateau and you just can't seem to get back into the swing of things? We're here to help you get back on track and start taking control of your health through just a few simple changes!

Step 1

Have you ever heard the phase "abs are made in the kitchen?" That's because diet is the most important factor in weight loss and the reason why give you a complete easy-to-follow meal plan (with grocery list) in this program!

Step 2

Kick-start fat loss with our beginner workout program! This simple, no-equipment-needed program was designed to be completed anywhere at anytime! You are just 28-days from tightening and toning up to the body you've always wanted!

Step 3

Some days are tougher than others and you're not always going to be motivated. That's why community support can make or break your progress! With this challenge, you'll have access to an exclusive Facebook group, where you'll gain accountability and support from other moms going through the same struggles as you!
Why the Keto Fit Mom Challenge Was Created
Being a mom was already tough, but 2020 has made it even more difficult! We understand that your health & nutrition may have had to take a backseat so that you can focus on other priorities like homeschooling or working from home. That, coupled with gyms closing, less time to focus on yourself, and all-day snacking, you may have packed on a few pounds. 

But, this is about more than the COVID-15 you may have gained. This challenge was created to help make your health a priority again! With just a few small changes to your lifestyle, you can improve your diet, physical fitness, and overall wellbeing! 
The best part is that this program will not only help you lose the weight you've been hoping to get rid of, but you'll also feel better, sleep better, and have more energy to overcome everything else 2020 throws at you!
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Customized Meal Plan

At Home Exercise Guide

The Keto Mom Beginners Guide

Exclusive Community 

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